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Camille Saint-Saëns | Danse Macabre

Probably one of my favorite song ever. It’s so powerfull.

I’m posting it, because it was in a movie I just watched called Twelve and Holding. If you never saw it, you really should. It’s a really good movie, very interesting and surprising. It’s about broken families and relationships seen through the eyes of 12 years old children. It’s starts 3 young actors, Conor Donovan, Jesse Camacho and Zoe Weizenbaum, who are very talented, very intense in their performances.

The “grown up cast” include other very good actors, that you are probably familiar with, such as Annabella Sciorra, Jeremy Renner, Jayne Atkinson, Linus Roache, Marcia DeBoni, Tom McGowan…

Again, I’m highly recommend this movie to you guys. It’s very good.

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